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Bent Tree CC Winners - David Studebaker (PGA), Michael Rhinehardt, Nate Wilson, Shane Pearce (PGA)

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Annandale GC Winners - Andrew Larkin (PGA), Roy Kim

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New Mexico State University GC Winners - Johnny Vasquez (PGM Student), Chris Ortiz (PGA), Keenan Smith, Tom Spears

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Anthem CC Winners - Patrick Duty, Doug Lee, Buzz Kaser, Montey Kaser

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DragonRidge CC Winners - Jim Gloyd, Shawn Freeman (PGA), Russ Woodbury, Gary Fletcher, Rudy Rinker

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Fort Lauderdale CC Winners - Mark VanDyck (PGA), Michael Kartrude, Tim Miller, Josiah Singletary, Michael O’Brien
Old American Golf Club

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If you’re not one of the nearly 28 million people who reside there, you might not agree with the statement, ‘It’s Better in Texas.” However...
Twin Warriors

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Not long ago, one of the major golf mags did an admittedly subjective, rather whimsical listing of the ‘Golfiest’ states. New Mexico was mired...

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Salt Lake City offers some of the most diverse recreation options in the nation. Most famous for its world-class skiing, the area has also...

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Craft Farms (Cotton Creek) Winners - Rea Schuessler (PGA) (@schuesslerRea), Scott Smith, Jordy Hayden (@JordyHayden1), Matt Ritchiee (@MattRitchie13)