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At select Pro-Am Series events, the 2017 Go Like A Pro Mobile Tour bus serves as the Official Registration and Scoring hub for the...

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TPC Louisiana Winners - Luke Farabaugh (PGA), Barry Thibodaux, Tim Coulon, Junior Mendoza

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The Golden Nugget Winners - Scott Olsen (PGA), Michael Nicoletti, John Zarcaro, Michael Zarcaro

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We’re hearing it a lot lately: “Grow the game.” Meanwhile, we rarely reflect on how the game has grown. And specifically, our options for...

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In terms of the quality of golf, resorts, countries and cultures, 2015 is at the top of the ten years I’ve been a “travel...

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Pete Dye’s 90th birthday is Dec. 29, 2015. Just back from the Dominican Republic, the family is prepping for a worthy celebration. The World Golf...

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Say the words 'Atlantic City,' and depending on one's age and experiences, different images will come to mind. Some will think of the world-famous, miles...

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It's little more than thirty miles in a National Rental Car from Jacksonville International Airport to one of the best one-two punches in the...

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